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Exploring America’s Most Notorious Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs and Biker Gangs

List of outlaw motorcycle clubs includes some of the most dangerous biker gangs in America. These outlaw biker clubs, also known as motorcycle gangs, are notorious for their criminal activities, including drug trafficking and violent crime. One such club is the Bandidos MC, founded in 1969, with chapters across the country. Another infamous group is the Wheels of Soul MC, a one-percenter club involved in various illegal activities.

Many outlaw motorcycle clubs have a strict code of conduct and require members to ride Harley-Davidson motorcycles. These clubs often use biker patches to signify their membership in the group. However, not all biker clubs are involved in criminal activities; some are law-abiding organizations that simply enjoy riding a motorcycle.

Despite their reputation, some outlaw biker clubs also have support clubs that are not involved in illegal activities. These clubs, such as the Avengers Motorcycle Club and the Iron Order Motorcycle Club, provide assistance and camaraderie to motorcycle club members.

In recent years, there have been several high-profile incidents involving outlaw motorcycle gangs, such as the Waco raid in 2015 involving the Bandidos MC and the Cossacks MC. These events have shed light on the dangers associated with belonging to such clubs and have led to increased scrutiny of the biker community.

Devils Diciples Motorcycle Club

Devils Disciples Motorcycle Club is an outlaw club that was founded in the late 1960s, quickly gaining a reputation as a notorious motorcycle club. The club consists of at least sons of satan and American biker members, with chapters across the united states. With a base in the pagan and aryan traditions, the motorcyclist members of the club ride dangerous motorcycles and are known to clash with other clubs in America, such as the Warlock and Gypsy Joker clubs.

Some alert clubs in America include the Diablos Motorcycle Club, Vagos Motorcycle Club, Warlock, Iron Horsemen Motorcycle Club, and the Kinfolk Motorcycle Club. This notorious motorcycle club has been on the radar of the Department of Justice for its ties to street gangs and outcast motorcycle clubs. According to Thompson’s book Hell’s Angels, the Devils Disciples have a black motorcycle club and a phantom outlaw motorcycle club reputation.

Bandidos Motorcycle Club 

Bandidos Motorcycle Club is the oldest outlaw motorcycle club based in California, founded in 1967. Known for their iconic emblem of a rider with a sombrero and pistol, the club has chapters in various states like South Carolina and Georgia. 

The club was founded by a former American outlaw, who wanted to create a group for riders who wanted to break the law. The Bandidos have been involved in drug distribution and smuggling, as well as being in a war with the Iron Coffins and Forbidden Wheels clubs. Some members were arrested for crimes, including killing a police officer in a shootout.

Many see the Bandidos as the real Hells Angels, notorious for their tough and rebellious image. Inspired by the TV show “Sons of Anarchy,” many young riders aspire to join a motorcycle club like the Bandidos for a taste of the outlaw life. 

The club’s fierce reputation precedes them, as they have been known to engage in violent turf wars with rival clubs such as the Iron Coffins and Forbidden Wheels. Despite their outlaw image, the Bandidos maintain a strong brotherhood among their members, who are dedicated to protecting their club and its interests at all costs.

Cossacks Motorcycle Club

Cossacks Motorcycle Club was founded in California in 1967. The club quickly gained a reputation for its tough members and rebellious spirit. However, their activities took a dark turn when they became involved in drug smuggling. This illegal operation eventually led to a violent confrontation with law enforcement, resulting in the death of an officer. 

The incident brought increased scrutiny on the club and its activities, leading to several members being arrested and charged with various crimes. Despite these setbacks, the Cossacks Motorcycle Club continues to exist, albeit with a tarnished reputation.

Rebels Motorcycle Club

Rebels Motorcycle Club is known for their outlaw reputation and fierce loyalty amongst members. They have a long history of run-ins with the law, often resulting in violent confrontations. In one notorious incident, a member of the club was sentenced to death for murdering a police officer. 

Despite the controversies surrounding them, the club continues to thrive and expand their influence in the biker community. Their dedication to brotherhood and rebellion against societal norms make them a force to be reckoned with on the open road.

Thunderguards Motorcycle Club

Thunderguards Motorcycle Club is a notorious group of bikers known for their rebellious nature and fierce loyalty to their brothers. Members of this club adhere to a strict code of honor and brotherhood, always standing by each other’s side no matter the circumstance. The club’s clubhouses are heavily guarded by officers who are willing to risk their lives to protect their fellow riders. However, their fierce reputation has also gained them enemies, with rival clubs often trying to challenge their dominance on the streets. Despite the risks, Thunderguards remain unphased, ready to defend their territory to the death.

Peckerwoods Motorcycle Club

Peckerwoods Motorcycle Club is a notorious organization known for their violent and criminal activities. They have been involved in various drug trafficking operations and have a reputation for being ruthless and fearless. The club’s members often wear tattoos and patches symbolizing their allegiance to the group. 

In 2018, an officer was shot and killed by a member of the club during a police raid. The incident sparked controversy and further fueled the club’s reputation for violence and aggression. Despite numerous run-ins with the law, the Peckerwoods Motorcycle Club continues to operate and expand their criminal activities.

Hells Angels Motorcycle Club

Hells Angels Motorcycle Club is a notorious biker gang known for its criminal activities and violent reputation. The club was founded in 1948 in Fontana, California and has since spread its influence worldwide. Members are known for their distinctive club patches and loyalty to the gang. 

The club has been involved in a number of high-profile criminal cases, including drug trafficking, extortion, and even murder. In one instance, a member was convicted of beating a police officer to death. Despite their criminal activities, the Hells Angels have a strong sense of brotherhood and camaraderie among its members.


Mongols Motorcycle Club

Mongols Motorcycle Club is a notorious outlaw motorcycle club that was formed in Montebello, California in 1969. Known for their violent reputation and criminal activities, the Mongols have been involved in drug trafficking, extortion, and other illegal enterprises. 

Despite facing several law enforcement crackdowns and internal conflicts, the club continues to operate in various parts of the United States. Members of the Mongols are easily recognizable by the club’s emblem, a caricature of Genghis Khan wearing sunglasses and riding a motorcycle.

Mongols Motorcycle Club has a strict hierarchy and set of rules that members must follow. Prospective members must go through a probationary period before becoming full-fledged members. Once initiated, members are expected to adhere to the club’s code of conduct and support their fellow brothers in any situation. The club also holds regular meetings and events to foster camaraderie among its members.

Mongols Motorcycle Club has been the subject of numerous law enforcement investigations and prosecutions over the years. Authorities have targeted the club for its involvement in organized crime and violence. Despite these challenges, the Mongols have managed to maintain a presence in the biker community and continue to operate as a formidable force in the criminal underworld.

Mongols Motorcycle Club has a reputation for being one of the most dangerous and ruthless outlaw motorcycle clubs in the country. Their members are known for their loyalty to the club and willingness to engage in violent acts to protect its interests. The club’s motto, “Respect Few, Fear None,” reflects their defiance towards law enforcement and their commitment to maintaining their criminal empire. Overall, the Mongols Motorcycle Club remains a powerful and influential presence in the world of outlaw motorcycle clubs.

Highwaymen Motorcycle Club

Highwaymen Motorcycle Club is a notorious motorcycle gang known for their criminal activities and violent tactics. They have a strong presence in the biker community and have been involved in drug trafficking, extortion, and other illegal activities. Members of the Highwaymen Motorcycle Club are known for their loyalty to the club and are willing to do whatever it takes to protect their interests.

Pagans Motorcycle Club

Pagans Motorcycle Club is known for their fierce loyalty and brotherhood. They have a long-standing rivalry with the Sons of Silence motorcycle club, which has led to violent clashes in the past. Despite their outlaw image, Pagans members are dedicated to their community and often participate in charity events. The club’s iconic colors and symbols are recognizable on the streets, serving as a warning to those who would dare to cross them.

Who Are the Big Four Motorcycle Clubs?

The Big Four Motorcycle Clubs are considered the most powerful and influential motorcycle clubs in the world. These clubs include the Hells Angels, Outlaws, Bandidos, and Pagans. Each club has its own set of rules, territory, and membership requirements. They are known for their involvement in illegal activities such as drug trafficking, violence, and organized crime. These clubs have a long history of conflict with law enforcement and rival motorcycle clubs.

Can a Biker Quit an Outlaw Motorcycle Club?

Can a Biker Quit an Outlaw Motorcycle Club? Quitting an Outlaw Motorcycle Club is not an easy task. Members who decide to leave may face consequences such as retaliation, threats, or violence. The process of exiting the club can be fraught with danger, as loyalty to the group is often taken very seriously. However, some bikers have successfully left OMCs by seeking protection from law enforcement or using legal means to sever ties with the club.

What IS Meant by MCC in a Motorcycle Club?

MCC stands for Motorcycle Club. In the context of a motorcycle club, MCC refers to a group of individuals who share a common interest in motorcycles. These clubs often have their own set of rules and regulations, as well as a hierarchy of leadership. Being a part of an MCC can provide a sense of camaraderie and belonging among members who share a passion for riding.

What Is Meant by “Original’ in 1% Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs?

Original in 1% Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs refers to the founding members who established the club and set its values and traditions. These original members are seen as the core of the club’s identity and are highly respected within the organization. They are often veterans of the club who have earned their place through years of loyalty and commitment. The term “original” signifies a deep sense of history and authenticity within the club.

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